The Maryland Museums Association uses Google Groups for our community listserve. We are very excited about this new tool to help Maryland museums personnel keep-in-touch and share their knowledge and resources with one another. We are an inclusive community of museum volunteers and professionals.

Listserv Guidelines:

Be polite and respectful at all times. Failure to abide by the following may result in either a warning, or immediate removal from the group.

What may I use this for?

This listserve is intended as a forum for collegial discussion, questions and assistance among Maryland's community of professional or volunteer museum docents, directors, curators, exhibitors, educators, students and teachers.

What should I not use it for?

The listserve is not intended as a means of publicizing the programs of individual sites, unless said program is a type of workshop intended to advance the knowledge and quality of the Maryland museums community generally, or to facilitate broader discussion about museums work. Moreover, solicitors will not be entertained, and any such users may be immediately removed or warned pending the situation.

Do I have to be a MMA member to use the listserve?

No. Membership in the Maryland Museums Association is not required to join. However, membership is strongly encouraged, as the purpose of MMA is to improve the quality of museum programming and exhibiting state-wide. MMA offeres organization and individual memberships alike.